Women's Safety Tips – the most important issue for the personal safety of a woman

We are in unexpected, sometimes dangerous situations and often the best way to manage comes to mind after it's over. But there is an easy question to ask what gives us the proper way to handle everything while it is happening? Yes.

If you are being called from work to pick up a sick child at school, called for something that really does not want to participate or finish in a bank during a robbery, you must know how to keep calm and handlethe situation correctly.

The most important question to ask in any situation is this:

"What is the best way to handle this situation?"

The reason for this is the better question is why your mind will answer what they ask. Your mind is the most powerful computer yet, if you're like the rest of us, you are more accustomed to searching on the internet (created by someone's mind, by the way) than check in with your built-in computer.

The key is to askgood questions to get a good positive, empowering responses. For example, the child becomes ill at school and must leave work at the center of a major project with a deadline fast approaching. Your first thought is a barrage of questions, none of which will help you.

"What has hurt only one hour a day of school when he was good this morning?"

"How am I going to meet this deadline now?"

"What is my head to say, when I got yesterday for leisurecall a doctor?

"If my son is still sick tomorrow, I can get to be with him or my boss will let me work on this house and what happens if I get sick too, so how can I get my work …?

Although these questions will not help you, but will certainly raise the level of stress, because contemplating their answers inspire new applications disempowering. What you do in this situation is going to take your child, period. The other issues can be resolved later and,Amazingly enough, with the same simple question: "What is the best way to handle this situation?"

So if you're in a bank robbery and was one of nine in 10 people who breath and hold your breath, freezing up under stress. Simply asking a simple question: "What is the best way to handle this situation?" You can get a response like "Exhale." It 's simple but allow your adrenaline to run and lets you think clearly. Think clearly may involve askingthat the same simple question 15 times more during the test, but there will always be the best response and the course of action.

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