7 practical tips to help you get pregnant powerful

Help pregnant may be more difficult than you might think. Fortunately, there are some simple things to try and practice that can make it successful.

1. Lifestyle. If you have a lifestyle that keeps you out party every night, or if you smoke, drugs, or drinking lots of coffee, you should consider making some changes. Get more rest, cutting off the drugs and cigarettes and taking in less caffeine can help prepare your body for pregnancy.

2. Eating nutritious food.Do a little 'research and to eat high quality, nutritious food instead of fast food. Foods that are less elaborate retain more of their nutritional value. These foods give your body the nutrients it needs for optimal fertility.

3. Get healthy. Have a physical, and ask any questions you may have about conceiving. Get your partner to get a check-up, too. Add a little 'exercise to your routine.

4. Relax. Some women get so stressed trying to conceive that effectively preventprocess. Take time to de-stress. I love being with your partner, and try to enjoy sex, instead of making it a chore.

5. Be familiar with your cycle. In fact, your window of opportunity to get pregnant is quite small. For most women, this is between days 12 to 18 of their cycle, depending on when ovulation. Familiarize yourself with the average length of your cycle, and also using tools to know when ovulation will help you find the best time in the cycleintimate.

You can take your temperature first thing in the morning to determine ovulation … the temperature increase on the day of ovulation and remain in a higher range for the rest of the cycle. Alternatively, you can use the ovulation prediction kit. These are similar to pregnancy tests, but instead of measuring luteinizing hormone hCG. Your luteinizing hormone to peak just before you ovulate.

6. Track your cervical mucus. As you approach ovulation, your cervical mucusgoes through many changes. This is easy to find by looking at the toilet paper after you wipe. Once the period ends, you should have a couple of days to dry. After that, you can see sticky mucus that seems opaque rubber cement dry. Following a creamy, lotion-like mucus.

After that you can see a wet, watery feeling, and finally a thick mucus and stretch that looks like raw egg white. This mucus is the most fertile of all, and usually appears just before ovulation. This mucusactually helps the sperm reaches the uterus swim faster and more efficient.

7. Be intimate often. sex with your partner often will increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Be intimate every other day will allow time for your partner's sperm to reach optimum levels, and ensure that there are not enough sperm to increase your chances of catching the egg.

As you can see, there are many easy, practical things you can do on your own to increase the chances ofbecome pregnant. Give them a try … it can be concluded with a positive pregnancy test.

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