Tips on how to maintain a healthy vagina

As a woman, your vagina is much talk about her, and for that reason you must always learn to keep your vagina healthy. These are tips on how to maintain a safe healthy vagina.

UNDERWEAR NEAT: Always put on clean underwear to help promote a healthy vagina. You should wash your underwear every time you take your shower, so you do not get infected by the disease.

Soap: Do not use soap to wash the vagina, it is best to use only clean water to wash your vagina everytime you wash. Nature has a special to take care of the vagina.

WASH YOUR HANDS: Always wash hands before touching your finger to insert in your vagina area, make sure your partner hands were clean before the game then, so as not to draw the infection.

underwear cotton underwear cotton are very good for our skin as it helps to sweat to carry around the tips of the walls of the vagina. Thanks to its softness makes you feel comfortable wearing it and also reduce the risk ofvaginal infection.

VAGINA WASH: You can use a vagina was to keep your vagina clean and smelling good, especially the washing vagina herbal, but also helps to strengthen and refresh the vagina for maximum pleasure, giving you a healthy vagina.

REGULAR WASH: washing of the vagina on a regular basis is another way to promote a healthy vagina. When you wash your vagina regularly, soothes and refreshes you and also help to promote personal hygiene, leading to healthyvagina.

PANT LINER: Pant liners are very good for the ladies, it helps to maintain their clean underwear and also promotes personal hygiene. It also protects the vagina from direct contact with the underwear that can be made with polyester. And we know that polyester is not healthy for our skin as the vaginal area, which is very sensitive.

Medical: This is the most important part of maintaining a healthy vagina. Make sure you go for regular check ups. Regular checks agodoes not mean they are not clean or it may be your bad, not only helps you know your medical statues. And if the diagnosis was found treat yourself.

PERSONAL HYGIENE: E 'keep a good personal hygiene, wash their clothes regularly, brush your teeth after every meal, wash their hands after using the toilet and the rest of them, you can ask "how does this promote a healthy vagina" yes, very helpful in promoting a healthy vagina. When there is a regular batha possibility that you can not wash their underwear regularly, and you can even touch the wrong vagina with his hands still dirty.

DO NOT SLEEP WITH YOUR UNDERWEAR: It is not good to sleep with your underwear, vagina needs fresh air and this will be blocked if you sleep with your underwear. And sometimes it can be put on a very tight underwear, so when you sleep with this tight underwear, will reduce blood flow to the vagina area, which can have sideeffects on your health.

I believe that feeling good and feeling healthy is one of the best thing that can happen to each and every one of us. So, stay healthy and maintain a healthy vagina.s

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