How to read body language of women – 5 Easy Tips for reading to know if she's Into You

It 's a well known fact that they reveal a lot about ourselves and our inner thoughts through our body language. People in positions of power are well taught the art of body language – how to read and how to use it to their best advantage. Read on and you also learn to keep under control, how to interpret the signals of the female body as best you can. Then you'll know if she's enjoying your company and whether it is worth pursuing further.

Tip 1: Look what he's doing with hishair

He is playing with her, then she definitely fancies you. If she is twirling in his hands, or to disclose his neck is unconscious signals that you are in you.

Tip 2: Look at his finger actions

The fingers are closely connected with the sexual act and as such are very revealing. Watch the fingers close. She starts fondling or caressing her face, neck, chest, arm, thigh or leg in your presence, then she is subtly seduces you. You may not even realize they are doingit. If you, if you play with their lips, teeth and tongue, which is a dead cert!

Tip 3: Pay attention to the position of his body

How is his body placed in relation to yours? If this is leaning towards you, or if his legs and shoulders are pointing towards you then this is a good sign of body language. She likes really! Moving closer to you she is subtly saying he wants to get even closer! However, if the arms are crossed, or if it is leaning away from you then they can benegative body language. Maybe she is tired of you. Crossing your arms is a defensive position, and this reveals that she might be intimidated or put off by you.

watch his movements with his eyes: Tip 4

If you find a woman and she looks at you then looks away and then look again, but with a slight downward gaze, she likes to doubt you. The look down reveals his shyness so now would be a prime time to approach her. Look closely at his eyes. If she smiles andWatch out, this is always a positive sign. If you look into his eyes for a long time, again, you're there. Beware of the woman who never makes any contact with eyes, or one who looks away, or around her a lot. These are the signs of those who are disinterested or bored.

Tip 5: seductive attention to any movement

These signs reveal more of the inner thoughts of a woman. You are also more likely to do this deliberately in order to see one of these, count yourselflucky! She is stroking her leg or chest, she is subtly revealing parts of her body for you? She hangs a shoe with his foot while in a crossed leg position? If you are doing one of those who are trying to seduce you and invite you to read.

These simple tips are invaluable in trying to read, understand and ultimately seduce women.

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