3 Tips to Pick the Best Women's handbag for you

Can you guess who is the best friend of every woman? "I'm thinking of him that always accompanies us wherever we go, if it is a shop, a cocktail party or just go to work. I'm pretty sure you know who I'm talking about. And 'the bag lady that none of us can live without. Of course we have many friends many others, such as shoes, wallets, sunglasses, but the number is an authentic designer bag that can not be replaced by anything else. Takeour little treasures from mobile phones, credit cards, keys, notepad, pen, cosmetic bags, sunglasses and the list can go on and on. Just stop for a second and think about it. Can you imagine the world without women the bag as we know it? What would we do without them? How can we carry around all our needs known?

In today's world, ladies fashion bags are considered valuable assets and are characterized as statements of fashion style. Especially truedesigner bags are used to express the style, personality and moods. Maybe you will agree with me on this, but the bags can be carried out primarily add or decrease the weight that seem to carry. It 's very important to choose the right form, style and size bag for women that actually fit your body and personal style. Some of you may think that it's easy to do and some of you may be completely lost.

Here are 3 key points that you should keep in mind when buying anew bag authentic.


– Simple as can be, if you're tall enough and large, do not pick up this tiny little bag that no one would even notice
– The size of your bag should complement the size
– The same goes with the petite person – Do not let this huge bag that will completely cover most of your body


– When selecting the shape with the stick in front of your body type
– For example, you are slim and slimmer for women to bag ais more rounded and structured as handbags hobo. These forms will complement your body and provide a pleasant contrast.
– Go for the tall, rectangular and outlined exactly the authentic handbag, if you belong to the short side and heavier than the population. Just keep in mind to stay away from women's handbags with rounded design.


– Bags that fit right under the arm to the breast are more suitable for women who are thin and need to emphasize their feminine side -cleveage
– Bigger ladies should definitely avoid short-handled bags. They have a tendency to emphasize the bigger sizes so that they are absolutely a big NO NO for heavier women
– The length of the women held the desire to enhance the body part that always came up with.
– Ex if the bag is authentic in the trendy area then that area of the body will become more focused as the eyes are naturally attracted to.

We are all different and unique style. Generally I cansay that the majority of women 's magic in the bag for women' that ends in mid-torso as lure to life. It should not be very difficult to choose the right size, shape and style for you because the market is full of amazing drawings in each category. Just look in the mirror and keep in mind the three basic rules that we discussed. Enjoy your shopping.

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