Women's Safety Tips – Dating Nightmares and How to Avoid Them – Safe Dating Tips for Women

Dating nightmares do not only include the disease, unwanted pregnancy, rape and domestic violence, but the assaults on your self-esteem and emotional and mental well-being. Most of the deep scars from past relationships that we are not physical. Therefore, knowing how to choose the right people to date is vital! We've all heard the date that went wrong or the guy who has never invoked, although we really hit it off. We wonder what we did wrong, what could we do otherwise, because he did not likeus. It 'was something we said or done? He was wearing or what we were too far or not far enough? And if it was just the wrong person? What if what we did wrong was to take him out with in the first place? Or if we did not pick at all, but rather because it was taken? Is it dangerous? Absolutely, and I'll tell you how to avoid it!

Three Tips for Safe Dating for Women:

Healthy Self-Esteem – which are already completeso looking for someone who "completes" is just a romantic (yet pathetic) line in a movie.

Trust your feelings – they will always show the right way and it does not matter if they have a sense at the time or not.

Personal Boundaries – Establish and enforce them, or you will continue along the road of dating nightmares!

Make one, two or all three of these will change your dating life (and non-dating life) tremendously! I know because Iwas there and my poor decisions I took the road of rape and domestic violence. Pay attention to someone who has been there so as not to be! Women, defend and protect your mental and emotional well-being and prevent nightmares dating dating the right men in place of the only "men" and share these tips for safe dating with women you care about.

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