Tips for putting on perfume woman in summer

Women must follow certain rules when applying perfume. Some scents are heavy enough to put in the summer and if the women wear those smells during the summer, then it becomes heavier and stronger for people in the same room. As the temperature increases mostly in the summer, there are some guidelines to follow before a woman has to put the perfume.

During the summer, women should wear light perfume and cologne. The most favorable to the summer months, light floral, citrus and fruity scents.You should always wear perfume in small numbers during the day if you feel the need to apply again, then you can always splash on.

The heat during the summer months makes the fragrance spread than normal. Most people find the smell unpleasant heaviness. The scents can be applied to the body, rather than the skin and you can even give your hair a touch of perfume for long lasting aroma.

You can also spray perfume on his handkerchief and hold it in your bagkeep your purse perfume all day. So all day you will have the scent and when you feel warm and feel the need to clean your face or forehead with your handkerchief, you will feel more feminine and rejoice the day.

There are several types of heavy perfumes that can be very unpleasant for you as well as for others in the same room with you. Thus, it is important to choose something that is very light. scented lotions can also be used instead of perfume. The heat ofamplifies the scent of summer and many people are allergic to strong perfumes.

Scents can affect the personality and the right choice will enhance your personality. So it is very important for a woman to choose her perfume very carefully. Fragrances should be chosen according to their needs.

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