Women's Safety Tips – Falling Economy Equals increase in crime – women's 3 easy ways you can be safer

Challenging economy has many ramifications, and one is a drastic increase in crime – often against women, ordinary lifestyle. People do extraordinary things to feed their families, keep their homes medical benefits e.

How much of the country is busy at the moment, constantly perpetuated by the media (because it is news), which can inspire fear and panic in even the most enthusiastic optimism.

domestic violence shelters are currently overflowingmiddle and upper income women rarely seen in normal economic times. The relationships are dissolving as changing lifestyles and the "wealth and poverty, for better or for worse" is a distant memory. Sometimes people find that life just rolled by and when the time comes to depend on each other, they are all alone. This creates depression, stress, doubt, insecurity, fear, resentment, illness, anger, low self-esteem, the chaos, a feeling of weakness and other negative influences.

Women arecommonly chosen as a victim just like target children and the elderly, because they are seen as "weak" cowardly, insecure attackers. Women are also the "safety monitor" in the families and the workplace. Therefore, here are three simple safety tips to practice and pass along:

Trust your feelings. People you know may be feeling and acting differently when financial and relational stress. Listening to the voice that guides you. What may have been safenot before now. situations out when you feel the need to do and not feel obligated to apologize or explain. You can put in greater danger.

Confident body language is a great way to repel rather than attract attackers. Keep your head up, shoulders back, walk with a purpose, swing your arms and be ready to scream and run 911, if necessary.

need only take with you. If a thief wants your stuff, give fast or you risk your life.The bag should contain only what you need for wherever you are. If you do not need six cards to work, should not be held when you are there.

Keep in mind the economy has fallen before and will again in the future. Count your blessings, even when money is not one of them and you will be mentally and emotionally stronger than most people around you, making you a less likely victim.

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