Ed Hardy Women boots – The "Shins"

Women's Ed Hardy boots are now the rage in footwear these days – there's a style that is equally great in both summer and winter – "The Shins". It 'hard to call these "boots" – in the true sense of the word, they are not. They are more like a sneaker Hi-Rise, which lies on a high as the knee, but still fall into "boots".

These women Ed Hardy boots are unlike any other fashion today – are stitched on the leg and lace all the wayfrom above the toe area to the top of the boot. E – are undoubtedly the women's shoes, with some real women (and quite brilliant) style tattoo designs.

The Women's Ed Hardy Boot lineup is anything but simple – a given pair has its own unique style of hard rock Ed Hardy, picture contrast and brilliant colors.

Colors and designs available with the Women's Ed Hardy Shins Boot:

Silver – This is a design with a Geishasilver-gray back and a look of lace with white contrast style
Black – The Black Women's Shins have a "Love Kills Slowly" design on the boot Decorated whole contrast with the main colors of red and purple.
Brown – The Shins Brown repeated a nice background pattern printing, the eagle on the left and right sides of the trunk and along the foot area is a crochet pattern for the future that is beautiful.

Information Cost: The retail price for "The Shins" Ed Hardy Women's Boot isabout $ 150 if found offline or online with a merchant.

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